Container Maintaining: Painting, Customization, and Repair

Shipping Containers Maintenance

ADR8 USA team has all the necessary experience, space and equipment to perform various work with cargo containers.

A container is not only a finished product, but also a material from which a huge number of different solutions can be made.

What we do?



Transform the appearance of your shipping containers with our professional painting services. Our skilled technicians utilize high-quality paints and precise techniques to refresh and protect your containers, enhancing their aesthetics and longevity.



Revitalize your shipping containers with our expert repair services. Our skilled technicians specialize in addressing damages, from dents to structural issues, ensuring the durability and functionality of your containers for years to come.



Unlock the full potential of your shipping containers with our tailored customization services. From adding doors and windows to implementing specialized storage solutions, our skilled team turns your containers into versatile spaces that perfectly fit your unique needs and requirements.

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